Grancell is engaged in business that contributes to society by industrializing the results of regenerative medicine research.
Grancell also collaborates with academic institutions to conduct joint research on topics that meet the needs of society, and to scientifically verify products and services.

Stem Cell Cosmetics Business

We develop, manufacture, and sell stem cell cosmetics based on regenerative medicine research conducted at the University of the Ryukyus Faculty of Medicine.
We provide safe and reliable cosmetics of the highest quality by utilizing the knowledge and technology of culturing methods and cell quality control cultivated through actual treatment.

In the development of cosmetics, we take into account the opinions of users to the maximum extent possible, and the essence of aesthetic medicine is integrated by medical specialists who are actually engaged in aesthetic medicine.

In addition to product development and manufacturing, we also conduct thorough scientific verification of the effects of our products to maintain the quality of academia cosmetics, cosmetics produced in universities.